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I'm a developer with a passion for creating stable, secure, performant, and accessible websites, plugins, and applications using the WordPress platform.


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Easy Meta Builder: 2 Weeks In

It’s been 2 weeks since Easy Meta Builder was released. I wanted to post about where its at.   A few sales, lots of sign ups to get the FREE core plugin. The feature offering is low right now so its justified that signups are more than sales.   Easy Meta Builder got written up on WPTavern […]

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WordPress: Software of Many Uses

When I was 13, I started to notice the other kids had nicer things than we did. You see, we were dirt poor. My mom was a single mom with 4 kids. I decided if I wanted nice things I would have to get it on my own. LIGHTBULB! We had a broken down lawnmower […]


Why I used CMB2 for Easy Meta Builder

CMB2 rocks. It’s a super straight forward framework to create meta. Over the last couple years doing client work and using CMB2 exclusively for create meta boxes and options pages. It got tiring to keep having to include the framework and write the code for the same types of fields over and over and over […]

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WP-API: Practical Uses for WordPress’ JSON Data

I’m speaking at WordCamp Salt Lake City Sept. 10th. If you want to learn what WP-API can accomplish and get some great ideas for using this new WordPress API then come to my talk. I will go over the basics of the API: what, when, where and how to get started. Also will go over […]


Freemium isn’t the Same as Free

WPsitecare is releasing a new WordPress product, CookBook Plugin, for food bloggers who post recipes. Solid. There isn’t many good options for this in WordPress and the only way to keep something professional and polished is to either dog food the theme or plugin yourself to “fund” the development  or to charge outright. Cookbook is at $49 and WP […]


Announcing BuddyTemplates a Co-op for BuddyPress Developers

You hear more and more about developers not getting paid to keep their highly used OSS projects updated and supported. I am disgusted by this take and no give in the WordPress community. I have worked at agencies where they use OSS to build client projects and charge a hefty dime but the money doesn’t […]