Freemium isn’t the Same as Free


WPsitecare is releasing a new WordPress product, CookBook Plugin, for food bloggers who post recipes. Solid. There isn’t many good options for this in WordPress and the only way to keep something professional and polished is to either dog food the theme or plugin yourself to “fund” the development  or to charge outright. Cookbook is at $49 and WP […]

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Selling Support to Pay For OSS Development is BS


When have you ever gone into an electronics store and wanted to get the newest gadget du-jour and when they asked you to purchase an extended support contract you replied, “I’ll purchase the extended support but I want the gadget for free.” You don’t because its asinine outside the OSS software asylum. When did we […]

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Motorcycle Tent: REI Camp Dome 2

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.35.10 PM

I’ve been through a bunch of tents. There really isn’t a great tent for motorcyclists. I think my next step will be a bivy tent. Something to quickly throw down and roll up. The dilemma here is sometimes I want to camp for multiple days and would want a larger tent. I think the ideal […]

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