Announcing BuddyTemplates a Co-op for BuddyPress Developers

Announcing BuddyTemplates a Co-op for BuddyPress Developers

You hear more and more about developers not getting paid to keep their highly used OSS projects updated and supported.

I am disgusted by this take and no give in the WordPress community. I have worked at agencies where they use OSS to build client projects and charge a hefty dime but the money doesn’t trickle down to the developer. A lot of agencies spend their “money” on giving back by donating time to core or their own OSS but it doesn’t help the lone developer.

So, instead of bitching about it I want to do something, something to help…

One of my favorite OSS projects is BuddyPress. BuddyPress makes it ridiculously easy to build social sites with common functionality as Facebook, Twitter and others. The features you get for free from BuddyPress would cost a client tremendous cash.

BuddyPress has a very small but passionate developer community. No where near the contributor base as WordPress but being smaller you can move quicker and push code faster so that could be considered and win.

But these developers need your help. That help is in the form of cash. Everyone needs food, shelter and the occasional, ok, many coffees.

When I read tweet storms from @jjj or posts like this from @Boone, who contributes massive amounts of time back to WordPress I get sick. I don’t want to be a part of the machine that doesn’t nurture its own.

The options for a developer to create cash flow to support OSS is through paid plugins, custom development, themes, or selling their knowledge through teaching.

There are a a lot of plugins for BuddyPress in the WordPress repo. Mostly abandoned code a developer used on a project. This is not good for anyone. Not good for the BuddyPress eco space. If you were someone who wanted to use BuddyPress to build a community and all you see are abandoned plugins and very little custom themes for niche communities. You are probably running to another software.

WordPress was a blog software, then used it for a CMS and now its being used for applications. A lot of applications are community based and thats where BuddyPress is going to thrive into the future.

I am going to build BuddyTemplates into a co-op marketplace for plugins and template packs specifically for BuddyPress. Each developer selling on the site will get all the profit from their sales and have a say in how the site functions.

I got inspired by the creators of Stocksy who, after selling istockphoto to Getty, were appalled at the little amount of revenue stock photos were getting. So they did something about it.

I can’t force you to donate to or hirer a BuddyPress developer but I can sure try and funnel some of the talent into a place they can earn.

BuddyTemplates isn’t just going to be a marketplace but a resource. A resource for finding solutions whether its a plugin or templates, finding a developer to do custom work, or leveling up through tutorials and know-how. We are stronger together!

If you are interested in participating in the co-op drop an email to

Follow on Twitter: @BuddyTemplates

Thanks for reading 😀

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