Why I used CMB2 for Easy Meta Builder

Why I used CMB2 for Easy Meta Builder

  1. CMB2 rocks. It’s a super straight forward framework to create meta.

Over the last couple years doing client work and using CMB2 exclusively for create meta boxes and options pages. It got tiring to keep having to include the framework and write the code for the same types of fields over and over and over again. Now, CMB2 is really easy to use as a framework but I wanted to skip the coding, help non coders and create easily added extensions to push CMB fields further.

So, I thought why not create a UI to add the fields and meta boxes by selecting a few options instead of hand coding CMB2 every time. That’s where the idea for Easy Meta Builder was born.

Another issue was custom CMB2 fields that had to be added each time via includes etc. In my brain, each project, I kept thinking these need to be made into easily added CMB2 extensions.

I hear the same thing from developers all the time, “I would like to monetize my OSS code but I don’t want to deal with selling or support”. Easy Meta Builder is also going to be a test bed for monetizing “micro” plugins.

There are already a few 3rd party CMB2 fields that would make great extensions to Easy Meta Builder. I am going to reach out to those developers and ask if I can turn them into extensions and help them generate revenue through the site. This will also help elevate support issues OSS developers face.

Try out Easy Meta Builder, the core plugin is free!

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