It’s been 2 weeks since Easy Meta Builder was released. I wanted to post about where its at.


A few sales, lots of sign ups to get the FREE core plugin. The feature offering is low right now so its justified that signups are more than sales.


Easy Meta Builder got written up on WPTavern and the comments are pretty much spot on for where it’s currently at. Some people would take them as negative but I view them as opportunities to improve.


Sales are not a current goal. The goal is to slowly build it into a great full-featured suite of meta fields extensions. This takes time. I put out a raw simple version 1 to get some usage and signups.


It makes no sense to build a product for months on end “perfecting” it and then you release and may get no sales or signups. Get your ideas to market as fast as possible.


I am building out the extensions listed on the road map. Also reworking the internal core plugin code to be more of an API so other developers can easily add custom fields.


The slider extension is getting built right now. You can test out a raw version of it on this post. I’m testing it internally and getting the UI right before release.


That’s it for now… get the FREE core plugin and test it out. Your feedback is valuable.