BuddyVerified 2.4

BuddyVerified 2.4

BuddyVerified has been updated to fix an issue with settings not saving. I also had to make some changes to the placement of the badge. It is no longer attached to the avatar. The new placement is near a username.

BuddyPress doesn’t have any good method to add this. There are filters for some of the text and the CSS of different themes has caused problems with badge placement.

If you insist on having the badge over the avatar you can use the following function to place the badge anywhere in your templates and add your own CSS to make it work for you.

bp_verified_image( $user_id )

New user profile setting to toggle the badge in member lists. You can use the following filter if you want to use a custom badge image. Make the badge image 23px X 23px.


If you have any issues post support on wp.org.

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