WordPress 4.7 will include the long awaited content endpoints. These endpoints are needed to display basic content types provided by WordPress core; posts, pages etc.   You can view the REST json responses in a browser but for serious development and testing of core endpoints as well as custom endpoints its best to setup a method for api calls.   There are a few options available to do this via apps, services and browser extensions. One beautiful and simple app to do this is Insomnia.   Here’s a tutorial video of a walk through setting up Insomnia for WP-API endpoints:     Links: Insomnia WP-API Workspace file: https://gist.github.com/modemlooper/22488f5489c2513687003ee82a0e3dd1 Basic Auth plugin: https://github.com/WP-API/Basic-Auth WP-API V2 Endpoint plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/rest-api/ WP Core Beta Tester plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-beta-tester/ WP-API[…]

It’s been 2 weeks since Easy Meta Builder was released. I wanted to post about where its at.   A few sales, lots of sign ups to get the FREE core plugin. The feature offering is low right now so its justified that signups are more than sales.   Easy Meta Builder got written up on WPTavern and the comments are pretty much spot on for where it’s currently at. Some people would take them as negative but I view them as opportunities to improve.   Sales are not a current goal. The goal is to slowly build it into a great full-featured suite of meta fields extensions. This takes time. I put out a raw simple version 1 to get some[…]

When I was 13, I started to notice the other kids had nicer things than we did. You see, we were dirt poor. My mom was a single mom with 4 kids. I decided if I wanted nice things I would have to get it on my own. LIGHTBULB! We had a broken down lawnmower and I thought if I could get that mower running I could make some cash and get that Atari 2600 I desperately needed. I tore that mower apart. My mom got home and yelled “what the hell did you do?”. I shrugged it off, not like it was going to get fixed by other means. I had no idea what I was doing but I[…]

CMB2 rocks. It’s a super straight forward framework to create meta. Over the last couple years doing client work and using CMB2 exclusively for create meta boxes and options pages. It got tiring to keep having to include the framework and write the code for the same types of fields over and over and over again. Now, CMB2 is really easy to use as a framework but I wanted to skip the coding, help non coders and create easily added extensions to push CMB fields further. So, I thought why not create a UI to add the fields and meta boxes by selecting a few options instead of hand coding CMB2 every time. That’s where the idea for Easy Meta[…]

I’m speaking at WordCamp Salt Lake City Sept. 10th. If you want to learn what WP-API can accomplish and get some great ideas for using this new WordPress API then come to my talk. I will go over the basics of the API: what, when, where and how to get started. Also will go over a ideas for using the API. WordPress is so much more than a blog.  From Progressive web apps  to mobile and desktop applications its time to start creating unique experiences with WordPress and the JSON API makes it easy! Pre-talk Homework: WP-API Documentation WP-API Github WP-API Endpoints Plugin React js Angular js Ionic Framework Electron Check out some of those resources listed above. I can’t what[…]

WPsitecare is releasing a new WordPress product, CookBook Plugin, for food bloggers who post recipes. Solid. There isn’t many good options for this in WordPress and the only way to keep something professional and polished is to either dog food the theme or plugin yourself to “fund” the development  or to charge outright. Cookbook is at $49 and WP Site Care plans to launch the product with a 100% commercial business model. Sullivan said the decision not to go the freemium route will be key for the long-term stability of supporting the plugin. WPsitecare is sidestepping the freemium model so many other plugins choose. Easy Digital Downloads follows this model with a smorgasbord of paid add ons. EDD is hugely successful but it has nothing to do with the base plugin being “free”.[…]

You hear more and more about developers not getting paid to keep their highly used OSS projects updated and supported. I am disgusted by this take and no give in the WordPress community. I have worked at agencies where they use OSS to build client projects and charge a hefty dime but the money doesn’t trickle down to the developer. A lot of agencies spend their “money” on giving back by donating time to core or their own OSS but it doesn’t help the lone developer. So, instead of bitching about it I want to do something, something to help… One of my favorite OSS projects is BuddyPress. BuddyPress makes it ridiculously easy to build social sites with common functionality[…]

When have you ever gone into an electronics store and wanted to get the newest gadget du-jour and when they asked you to purchase an extended support contract you replied, “I’ll purchase the extended support but I want the gadget for free.” You don’t because its asinine outside the OSS software asylum. When did we get to this point? When did we get to the point of bait and switch by using support as a crutch to get our OSS passions funded? One could blame it on a stigma that anything built on WordPress, being free for you to use open source software, should be free as well. This is nutty. Gas companies, bottled water companies build billion dollar businesses[…]

Everyone is eager to turn their WordPress site into a mobile app, and we offer two services, Reactor and AppPresser, to help you to do that. However, as an alternative (or in tandem!), a desktop app may provide a good user experience, so I’m here to walk you through turning your WordPress site into a desktop app. We will be using Electron, an open source framework for turning web technologies into desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. You may have heard of many desktop apps powered by Electron, including Atom Editor, Slack, Microsoft’s Visual Studio and the recently debuted WordPress.com app. Electron is built and run with Node so you want to make sure you have Node installed. Electron is installed as a Node module. Once you have Node installed, fire up the command line! Install dependencies[…]

BuddyPress comes with all the profile and group pages it needs to access core settings and content. Sometimes you add a plugin to your site that’s not a BuddyPress plugin but you want to have a page on the profile to display this extra content. If you are a plugin developer, you can add support for BuddyPress using this same technique. Adding BuddyPress custom pages to profiles doesn’t have to be complicated! Let’s say you have a portfolio plugin and you want to put a tab/page on a user profile and include the portfolio items. If your portfolio items are a custom post type then you can add a post loop on the page and pass in a query for the[…]