WPsitecare is releasing a new WordPress product, CookBook Plugin, for food bloggers who post recipes. Solid. There isn’t many good options for this in WordPress and the only way to keep something professional and polished is to either dog food the theme or plugin yourself to “fund” the development  or to charge outright. Cookbook is at $49 and WP Site Care plans to launch the product with a 100% commercial business model. Sullivan said the decision not to go the freemium route will be key for the long-term stability of supporting the plugin. WPsitecare is sidestepping the freemium model so many other plugins choose. Easy Digital Downloads follows this model with a smorgasbord of paid add ons. EDD is hugely successful but it has nothing to do with the base plugin being “free”.[…]

When have you ever gone into an electronics store and wanted to get the newest gadget du-jour and when they asked you to purchase an extended support contract you replied, “I’ll purchase the extended support but I want the gadget for free.” You don’t because its asinine outside the OSS software asylum. When did we get to this point? When did we get to the point of bait and switch by using support as a crutch to get our OSS passions funded? One could blame it on a stigma that anything built on WordPress, being free for you to use open source software, should be free as well. This is nutty. Gas companies, bottled water companies build billion dollar businesses[…]