It’sĀ been 2 weeks since Easy Meta Builder was released. I wanted to post about where its at.   A few sales, lots of sign ups to get the FREE core plugin. The feature offering is low right now so its justified that signups are more than sales.   Easy Meta BuilderĀ got written up on WPTavern and the comments are pretty much spot on for where it’s currently at. Some people would take them as negative but I view them as opportunities to improve.   Sales are not a current goal. The goal is to slowly build it into a great full-featured suite of meta fields extensions. This takes time. I put out a raw simple version 1 to get some[…]

CMB2 rocks. It’s a super straight forward framework to create meta. Over the last couple years doing client work and using CMB2 exclusively for create meta boxes and options pages. It got tiring to keep having to include the framework and write the code for the same types of fields over and over and over again. Now, CMB2 is really easy to use as a framework but I wanted to skip the coding, help non coders and create easily added extensions to push CMB fields further. So, I thought why not create a UI to add the fields and meta boxes by selecting a few options instead of hand coding CMB2 every time. That’s where the idea for Easy Meta[…]

You hear more and more about developers not getting paid to keep their highly used OSS projects updated and supported. I am disgusted by this take and no give in the WordPress community. I have worked at agencies where they use OSS to build client projects and charge a hefty dime but the money doesn’t trickle down to the developer. A lot of agencies spend their “money” on giving back by donating time to core or their own OSS but it doesn’t help the lone developer. So, instead of bitching about it I want to do something, something to help… One of my favorite OSS projects is BuddyPress. BuddyPress makes it ridiculously easy to build social sites with common functionality[…]