You got your ionic app set up but now you need to create a process to request data from your WordPress REST API server. ionic is Angular so most of the stuff you learn can be translated to Angular development. Likewise, you can use Angular 2 code in your ionic app. We won’t go into details on Providers, if you want to learn more Google a bit and you can find some more in-depth tutorials. The ionic CLI has a generate provider command that adds the files to your app. Run the following CLI command in your app folder. Replace “api” with a name you choose to specify its data type. If you are building an app that displays posts you might[…]

It’s been 2 weeks since Easy Meta Builder was released. I wanted to post about where its at.   A few sales, lots of sign ups to get the FREE core plugin. The feature offering is low right now so its justified that signups are more than sales.   Easy Meta Builder got written up on WPTavern and the comments are pretty much spot on for where it’s currently at. Some people would take them as negative but I view them as opportunities to improve.   Sales are not a current goal. The goal is to slowly build it into a great full-featured suite of meta fields extensions. This takes time. I put out a raw simple version 1 to get some[…]

When I was 13, I started to notice the other kids had nicer things than we did. You see, we were dirt poor. My mom was a single mom with 4 kids. I decided if I wanted nice things I would have to get it on my own. LIGHTBULB! We had a broken down lawnmower and I thought if I could get that mower running I could make some cash and get that Atari 2600 I desperately needed. I tore that mower apart. My mom got home and yelled “what the hell did you do?”. I shrugged it off, not like it was going to get fixed by other means. I had no idea what I was doing but I[…]

CMB2 rocks. It’s a super straight forward framework to create meta. Over the last couple years doing client work and using CMB2 exclusively for create meta boxes and options pages. It got tiring to keep having to include the framework and write the code for the same types of fields over and over and over again. Now, CMB2 is really easy to use as a framework but I wanted to skip the coding, help non coders and create easily added extensions to push CMB fields further. So, I thought why not create a UI to add the fields and meta boxes by selecting a few options instead of hand coding CMB2 every time. That’s where the idea for Easy Meta[…]

I’m speaking at WordCamp Salt Lake City Sept. 10th. If you want to learn what WP-API can accomplish and get some great ideas for using this new WordPress API then come to my talk. I will go over the basics of the API: what, when, where and how to get started. Also will go over a ideas for using the API. WordPress is so much more than a blog.  From Progressive web apps  to mobile and desktop applications its time to start creating unique experiences with WordPress and the JSON API makes it easy! Pre-talk Homework: WP-API Documentation WP-API Github WP-API Endpoints Plugin React js Angular js Ionic Framework Electron Check out some of those resources listed above. I can’t what[…]